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Why Become a Woodbury PTA Member?

PTA connects families, schools, and communities by providing year-long programs and services at Woodbury. Joining the PTA keeps our programs alive, provides classroom support, and helps families stay engaged. JOIN TO STAY CONNECTED!

Membership is important because it helps our parents' voice be heard at the every level. When we have a large number of members and we wish to be heard, officials will listen. This can be at the city, district, state or national level.

Why Donate to the Woodbury PTA?

Donations help PTA provide all of its programs and events throughout the year.  You can donate through the link below, or write a check to Woodbury PTA and mail it to the school, drop it off in the front office or send it with you child to give to their teacher!


Welcome Coffee

Ice Cream Social

Bunco Night

Haunted Maze

Talent Show

Spelling Bee

Family Fun Night


Father-Daughter Dance/Mother-Son Event

Mustang Olympics

School Carnival


STEAM Lab Activities

School-wide Assemblies

4th/5h/6th Grade Walk Through Assemblies

Lunchtime Activities

LEAD Recognition


 Lower Grade Art

5th Grade Girls' Night 

5th Grade Guys' Night

Red Ribbon Week 

Staff Appreciation