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Why Become a Woodbury PTA Member?

PTA connects families, schools, and communities by providing year-long programs and services at Woodbury. Joining the PTA keeps our programs alive, provides classroom support, and helps families stay engaged. JOIN TO STAY CONNECTED!

Why Donate to the Woodbury Pledge Drive?

We are asking for a suggested donation of $25 per student so that we can keep families involved, whether your child is in the traditional or hybrid models, or in IVA. We are also working on alternative ways to continue with the programs that our children love. Please consider donating to keep our programs and events alive.

Here is Julie Wong, our VP of Membership, showing you step-by-step how to sign up to be a PTA Member. It's quick and easy!

Girl dancing on stage at Woodbury PTA Talent Show
Dad and daughter at the Woodbury PTA Ice Cream Socal
Mom and little girl at Woodbury PTA Carnival
PTA Spelling Bee participants pose for a photo on stage at Woodbury Elementary