Red Ribbon Week

October 26 – 30, 2020

“Be Happy! Be Brave! Be Healthy!”

Monday, October 26th

Daily Theme: It’s Red Ribbon Week!

Dress-Up: Wear Red

Tuesday, October 27th

Daily Theme: A bright, healthy future!

Dress-Up: Neon and bright colors

At Home Activity: Make a healthy meal using colors of the rainbow.

Wednesday, October 28th

Daily Theme: I’m happy to be a Woodbury Student!

Dress-Up: Wear Woodbury spirit wear

Activity: Thank a teacher or staff member for all of their hard work.

Thursday, October 29th

Daily Theme: I can be healthy – it’s no sweat!

Dress-Up: Wear your favorite team jersey or athletic wear.

At Home Activity: Spend 20 minutes exercising or trying a new physical activity.

Friday, October 30th

Daily Theme: Be a hero every day!

Dress-Up: Wear your Halloween costume.

Activity: Write a letter to someone who is brave or someone who inspires you.

Red Ribbon Week Art Contest